Another prang

IMG_20160821_030017IMG_20160821_025940Another late-night collision at the junction of Wanstead High Street with New Wanstead, with one car on the crossroads and one in bushes nearby. There wasn’t any sign of casualties. Spotted by trusty snapper Marcus Tylor some time after 3am.

3 thoughts on “Another prang”

  1. I have had 2 narrow escapes whilst waiting to cross at this junction both times because people have jumped the lights then had to swerve to avoid on coming traffic. I wrote to Redbridge & TFL asking for cameras to catch cars jumping the lights but instead they put in the ‘count down’ for pedestrians which doesn’t help at all. After these were installed I wrote again asking if they were waiting for a fatality before they did anything but was advised it wasn’t a risk area! Clearly it is very dangerous for pedestrians waiting to cross and on my last close encounter I was standing exactly where that car crashed. We really need cameras (or something) at this junction.

  2. There was a car in bushes still yesterday, assume it’s from the crash. It looked like a parking ticket had been slapped on it!

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