Anti-ginger sentiment

The ever-popular Ginger Pig, which has faithfully helped keep Wanstead’s meat-eaters satisfied through the past year, has suffered what looks like some kind of protest with its front window being smashed.

The attack might of course have been mere vandalism, rather than a protest, but in any case it has not put off the queues of customers who are keen to show the shop their support. One member of staff posted elsewhere: “I work for Ginger Pig and to say we re upset is an understatement. We haven’t stopped working since March and to have this happen just after Christmas is mindless, the shop is open as normal today and we’ll keep going 💪🏻🐷

2 thoughts on “Anti-ginger sentiment”

  1. Don’t use it myself as I find it too expensive [much like a couple of bakeries/cake shops] but if people are prepared to stand in line and pay high prices that’s up to them but cannot condone damaging the frontage in anyway – just mindless idiots – if you don’t like them don’t go there – some people are just stupid

    1. The clear implication is that its been done by animal rights protesters as after all butchers are selling slaughtered animals!
      looks like they knew what they were doing with a clear bullet hole in the corner of the pane.

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