Au revoir Snaresbrook Tube office

IMG_6198With little fanfare and no apparent protest, the ticket office at Snaresbrook station closed at the weekend. It’s the latest office to close – the office at Wanstead station closed a few weeks ago. Staff are being redeployed to platforms and the ticket hall. Nevertheless, the moment should not pass unnoticed.

10 thoughts on “Au revoir Snaresbrook Tube office”

  1. When I was a lad you could buy a pound of bacon for a few shillings..
    Not sure how I am to cope buying my tickets from one of those robot machine things or on-the-line..

    No one thinks about us..

    1. If you remember buying a pound of bacon for a few shillings, you must be as old as me – over 60? – you get free travel through tfl – one time application and then it’s whoosh

  2. What will people do now if they experience problems with their Oyster cards?

    Call a number that no one answers? Pray? Sob?

    Ticket offices without staff do not serve communities.


  3. There is a safety issue that cannot be ignored. I recently travelled on the overground and a young man collapsed into an epileptic fit. The train was halted at the next stop travellers & driver searched the station for assistance. You guessed it!Just like Snaresbrook. If it had not been for a woman passenger with the experience of dealing with this problem, it may have been a tragedy.Think again Boris, Mr Crow may come back to haunt you.

  4. Ticket office will be closed staff will still be around on the platform and near the ticket machine.

    Problems with oyster cards and sick passengers will be dealt with in the same way.

    Paying to have someone stuck behind the glass all day when barely anybody buys a ticket and those that do use a machine is a complete waste of money.

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