Blake Hall Road closed for a week

Pic: Scott Whitehead @wanstead_meteo

It’s going to be a difficult week for anyone who wants to travel between Aldersbrook and Wanstead for the next week as Blake Hall Road is to be completely closed in both directions until 23 May.

A burst water main will mean the road being closed between Bush Road/Overton Drive and Aldersbrook Road. The delay is caused in part by new concrete needing time to set.

Buses are to be on diversion but it’s going to be a difficult week for many people. Blake Hell Road returns.

2 thoughts on “Blake Hall Road closed for a week”

  1. Can’t wait to see the quality of the work done from the ‘fruits of this labour’… if not slalom driving to avoid pot holes and craters, it’s avoiding the sudden stepped mis-matched levels from repairs and resurfacing done because someone couldn’t be bothered to check levels of tarmac and concrete out down. Just can’t get even basic quality these days…

  2. Yes fine if you are ABLE to cycle. Not all of us have that pleasure. My daughter is disabled and it has been a nightmare to get her to her classes in Wanstead. Also for me collecting my grandchildren from South Woodford. Us on the Aldersbrook estate feel trapped !

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