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Wansteadium reader Suzanne writes: “A sad sight on Thursday morning – this branch ripped down on Christ Church Green. A branch this size would have taken a few people to pull/swing on it to break it down. It definitely wasn’t due to the wind last night!” (There wasn’t any.)

4 thoughts on “Branch off”

  1. We were in the park on Wednesday afternoon when it happened. We heard a creaking… then a louder creaking… and turned round to see the branch ‘ripping off’ the tree. I assumed it was caused by the hot and dry weather. Happily, I couldn’t see any human involvement!

  2. No!!!!!! Please don’t jump to any conclusions! We were there as it happened on Wednesday afternoon around 3pm. The branch (completely unaided by any human) creaked and cracked and fell. It was noisy and quick. We thought it must have been dehydration or anyway it was definitely totally natural. Thank goodness no humans were walking underneath along the path at the time!

  3. These trees are very old and I am sure the comment about the lack of rain is correct. Just as long as the Council don’t decide they are a danger and have a cutting down exercise.

  4. We saw this,
    there is a lot of weight at the end of the branch . . . think that’s what brought it down.
    Unlike the young tree that was snapped off on the police station – christchurch path 🙁

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