Breakthrough at the Larder

The work to expand the Larder into the former Judith of Wanstead shop has broken through – the wall between the two shops is now down, as are Judith’s iconic signs.

The new premises will allow a larger kitchen and more seating. It’s a bold move by the Larder when Wanstead has so many more cafes than when it started. But then the Larder has become a Wanstead success story. From its birth here, it now has six branches around East London – Butler’s Retreat, Bethnal Green, the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow Wetlands and Newham.

Good luck to Paul and the team on the next stage in their development.



5 thoughts on “Breakthrough at the Larder”

  1. I wish them every success but it does seem a huge gamble on the coffee-house mile. They’ve already put the price of a small cup of cappuccino up to £3.10 (anyone ever paid more for a small coffee in London?!) Delicious though it is, I can’t see myself paying whatever it may go up to next to cover the extortionate Wanstead rates. £9 latte anyone?!

    1. Yes the price of a cappuccino is horrendous in London, having run an upmarket coffee shop my self the maximum cost of a coffee is no more than 23p!! What a mark up!

  2. Good luck to them, they’ve needed to sort out their seating for years in the current shop. They have the best loaf of bread for many miles around!

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