Building society? Not here

Before and after

So the Nationwide went ahead with its plan and closed its Wanstead branch, instead advising its customers who relied on in-person banking that they could go to South Woodford, Walthamstow or Ilford instead.

Nationwide is hardly the first financial institution to close a branch on our high street (remember Barclays? HSBC? Santander?) but they are the one which promised they would not be closing any branches this year, only to do exactly that in Wanstead. And in a year when they made more than £800m in profit.

To the staff of the branch, however, thank you for your years of service.

(Previous coverage on this subject, including the Nationwide’s reasoning, is here.)

3 thoughts on “Building society? Not here”

  1. Such a shame and the excuse was so poor. Not everyone has internet access and my 92 year old neighbour finds it impossible to use and would not know where to start. So frustrating. Not only has the branch closed but our charity account as well as obviously deemed uneconomical for Nationwide. Will upset the Greens as now driving to South Woodford. Don’t tell me to walk as I have enough to do without that!

  2. Don’t forget that the Nationwide is a mutual company and is supposed to be there solely for the benefit of its members (customers). Surely there is a better way to measure benefit than solely through the balance sheet.

  3. It is a shame, but, on a practical note, Wansteaders might find it easier to tube it to Stratford Westfield (the Street) if they have other business there. Nice, big modern branch and helpful staff.

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