Calling interesting shopkeepers

The last time Wansteadium invited readers to indulge in a bit of wishful thinking about what kind of shop would they really like to see come into the High Street, the overwhelming answer was a fishmonger. And lo it came to pass.

On the basis that it’s worth trying again, readers are invited to speculate what would be the most interesting and useful shop to open in this particular spot. Fingers crossed the same trick will work.

16 thoughts on “Calling interesting shopkeepers”

  1. A good deli bread, pate, meats, olives , cheese, wine etc ideally that serves cheese and wine platters as well.

  2. What about the empty unit next to Heads and Tails pet shop?
    It is now over a year it has had the ‘To Let’ sign above the door…

  3. Definitely a bakery! The wafting smell of freshly baked bread would draw people down ‘that end’.

  4. I would like to see a Marks and Spencer’s Food Hall or a nice bakers however a nice trendy shoe shop or a Oliver Bonas where we can buy nice gifts would be good

  5. I think the incidence of plantation shutters and appetite for Farra and Bawl has now reached Horsfall and Wright sustaining critical mass. A store on Wanstead High Street that I actually miss but perhaps a little ahead of its time.

    We have a good bakery called Nice Croissant; whilst they don’t major on bread, what is there, is very good.

    Talking of retail developments, have they sold Shake Shock yet; I did lol at the selling agent’s write up.

  6. Oliver Bonas would be great! We have plenty of places selling nice bread – Belgique, The Ladder and Nice Croissant. Stitch could I’m sure extend their range to wool and The Cherry Tree regularly hosts knitters so I’m sure could host knit-ins.

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