Calling Tube geeks


While we weren’t looking, London Underground has put new clocks at platform level at Wanstead Tube station. Where once were empty hoops, now there are new (or possibly refurbished) wonderful characteristic roundel clocks.

It was Wansteadium reader John Glombek who first alerted us, but surely someof the thousands who use the station must have been paying attention and will be able to fill the rest of us in on the details?

UPDATE, 12 March
Clocks now synchronised. Obsessives may relax.


10 thoughts on “Calling Tube geeks”

  1. Denis Keeling from the Wanstead Historical Society has been pushing for this for several years. The clocks should have been reinstated back on the platforms.

  2. Of course I noticed And had been awaiting the appearance of the new clocks
    Pity they give different times tho!
    I agree nightmarish-Ly annoying!

  3. As stated above, these are the original ‘heritage’ clocks from the platforms. They were removed during the refurb (about 5 years ago?) and never returned, despite them being included in the refurb plan. They have been in storage at Acton Depot ever since. I have checked with the TFL Heritage Manager since they were returned and he says that it was impossible to re-install them on the platforms, (where they should be in my view). This was the best compromise in the circumstances and he feels it better that they are back at Wanstead rather than installed at another station, which was an alternative. Bethnal Green station (which is virtually identical to Wanstead) has two similar clocks but theirs were successfully re-installed on the platforms after their refurb. Hope this helps!

  4. They look ridiculous next to each other, in my view – even more so if they are out of sync. If they couldn’t have gone on the platforms, then a singular one would have looked far better.

  5. ‘Next Train 2 minutes’ but rarely is; I’ve had my suspicions about Tube time for a while and this confirms it.

  6. Wrong again… They were ‘corrected’ yesterday apparently but I can confirm that getting off the tube the clocks (on both faces on both clocks) were out of sync again..

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