Celeb spotting

Pop legend Feargal Sharkey paid a visit with friends to Wanstead Cricket Club on Friday. And since it was junior training night, some sort of pun like Teenage Cricks might be in order. Or, preferably, much better via the comments form below please.

10 thoughts on “Celeb spotting”

    1. His hit song was Teenage Kicks. He was photograped at a cricket club.

      Crick could be shortened to crick with an S added to make it sound like kicks.

      If you have to explain….

    2. Teenage cricks…teenage kicks. An undertones song fronted by Fergal Sharkey.

      I thought I’d be nice and explain this as a good heart these days is hard to find.

  1. teenager kicks isnt about cricket, but it does involve balls and a short of stump.
    ps – is he a local?

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