Choice tweets about Wanstead, XXVI; Assange alert

Fascinating if true… we know of at least one link between Wikileaks and Wanstead. And fair enough – where better to spend some precious hours of freedom?

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6 thoughts on “Choice tweets about Wanstead, XXVI; Assange alert”

  1. More importance what cafe was open at 7.15am? The dog barks twice in winter, should we be looking behind trees in the park?

  2. Oh wow! This is really interesting… this was the day he handed himself to the police. If true it must mean he has some close friends in Wanstead!

  3. Guys, just to let you know that was me twittering about Assange in the cafe.

    It was the Bungalow Cafe, and it was at 7.15am as my girlfreind and I had just finished going for a run and went in there for some tea and toast.

    There were builders in their too and as I was the only one facing the door as Assange’s lawyer entered, I knew it was him as he’d been the last face I’d seen on the tv the night before.
    Assange came in with a gry hoodie on, head bowed slightly and dissapeared into the back of the cafe.
    I thought of going up to him and shaking his hand to congratulate him but thought it better not to pester him…

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