City Place opens for business

Wanstead’s newest coffee shop has opened for service, with new customers mingling (in a socially distant manner) as they try to remember that this used to be Percy Ingle. There are a couple of tell-tale signs.

Owners Jane and Mark Farrier, who have converted the shop in record time, have retained some of the distinctive Ingle green tiling by the front windows and behind the counter.

But the biggest shock customers will have is that there is a garden – who knew?? – where tables and chairs offer an outside catering experience, important in these days. It feels like a haven, gets daytime sunshine, and is destined to be highly popular.

There are familiar faces too – several of the staff have previously worked in other parts of the High Street, including manager Paul, formerly at the Larder.

As is our tradition, we wish Jane and Mark the very best in their new enterprise.

8 thoughts on “City Place opens for business”

  1. Good luck Jane and Mark.

    Thank you for including loads of lovely options for all us vegans out here, so poorly catered for in the other coffee shops not names! It is totally appreciated.

  2. Very nice snack at lunchtime. Excellent tea and coffee lovely sitting the garden talking to one of family Rose
    Will definitely become regular customers
    Wishing them all the best for the future

  3. The inside looks bright and clean, the ‘secret garden’ is a little gem and once the weather picks up will be very popular! But a shame the outside still looks like a funeral parlour. With the array of outlets in Wanstead it’s an easy to miss venue because of it’s dreary and un-noticeable colour and a missed opportunity not to continue the Percy Ingle theme to paint the outside a smart tone of green. It would have been interesting to see the menu/costs etc. Wishing the new coffee shop/cafe best of luck anyway.

    1. I must say I disagree with this – I think the outside looks great. Not everyone appreciates good taste I guess, particularly if their idea of a nice facade is the Percy Ingle theme!

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