Closet closes

IMG_0144 IMG_0145Sad to note the passing of interesting little independent shop The Closet, three years after it came to the High Street. Good luck to Mme, and fingers crossed for something novel to fill its place.

9 thoughts on “Closet closes”

  1. That’s sad, it was a great little independent shop. I do believe the rates are too high and we’re only going to get chain-related shops…

  2. I liked that little shop. Bought a few bits in there. Chatted to the women who runs it’s the other day when I saw it was closing down. Simply not a very good footfall and high rents have forced her out. Hope we get a coffee shop. We haven’t got many of those 😉

  3. Tried really hard to support that shop as had nice stuff. In the run up to Christmas went twice with the kids to buy present for mum. Never open. Gave up and spent elsewhere. If you aren’t accessible in what is likely your busiest period in December you are asking for trouble.

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