Coalition of the wheeling

On Sunday evening, this photograph was taken of a single-wheel self-balancing scooter being used. As you can see, this was not in some trendy Californian hi-tech campus, but rather outside Mario’s Shake Shack.
photo (33)

It’s no doubt unrelated, but last week Wansteadium tweeted the following:

These nuggets are offered without comment.

4 thoughts on “Coalition of the wheeling”

  1. also a littering of lamp posts, an abundance of arboriculture, a wealth of wastepaper baskets, a slalom of signage, and peppering of pillar boxes.

    1. I agree Nick I feel sorry for blind people trying to walk down the High Street nearly every shop has a sign some have two or three and are nearly blocking the pavement tine the Council sorted it out

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