Confirmed: The Nightingale has closed

Pic: Google Streetview

Wansteadium can confirm the rumours which have been circulating round Wanstead on Monday that the Nightingale pub has closed.

Landlord Noel McMahon told Wansteadium: “Unfortunately, ill health has put me in the unenviable situation that I now find myself in. The only roads left open to me regretfully is closure.”

The pub has been a fixture of Wanstead life for hundreds of years and was extensively refurbished last year. Noel is known to have been in hospital recently, though the pub has maintained a busy calendar of events, including several during the Wanstead Fringe. It is sure to be sadly missed by many regulars and locals.

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  1. Hopefully reopens as a pub again in the near future under new management. Would probably be a good idea to apply for it to be listed as an asset of community value to stop it being turned into flats.

    1. Andrew great idea, how do we do that, do you know? I’ve heard of people doing this with other pubs elsewhere in London

    1. The Duke was the popular one, but I spent many a splendid evening with Ian in here. A fine pint of Directors, back in the day. They had some crazy Courage stout as well, more like Marmite than a drink!

  2. Absolutely gutted to hear this… its been my local for well over 30 years. Wish you well noel and family x

  3. Heartbroken… as Miska said the hub of so many good times and memories.

    Noel Mcmahon we wish you the best in everything. Lots of love to you all, Colin, Miska, Leila and Jack… thank you for making Wanstead feel like home. xx

  4. Hope he will sell it and a new Landlord I remember when I arrived in Wanstead Jock was there the I think John and Sylvia so let’s hope a new start and a new Landlord

  5. Loved this pub. Such a shame that it’s closing. Really hope it opens up again. We need to keep our pubs open, too many are closing ☹️

  6. Only just saw this. Very sad, many an hour Andrew Gower and I would have a game of chess and a pint or two. Of course not during the working day. Very sad it was a decent pub indeed. The times they are a changing and sometimes not for the better.

  7. That’s a big shame ☹️ I worked there for quite a while back in the early 90s & had a lot of laughs with Noel & the other barmaids. Good luck for the future Noel, enjoy every day x

    1. Very sad such a lovely family pub I remember working with you Angie I worked for Noel when he first took over I worked for about 14 yrs for him like you said lots of laughs😂

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