Confirmed: The Nightingale has closed

Pic: Google Streetview

Wansteadium can confirm the rumours which have been circulating round Wanstead on Monday that the Nightingale pub has closed.

Landlord Noel McMahon told Wansteadium: “Unfortunately, ill health has put me in the unenviable situation that I now find myself in. The only roads left open to me regretfully is closure.”

The pub has been a fixture of Wanstead life for hundreds of years and was extensively refurbished last year. Noel is known to have been in hospital recently, though the pub has maintained a busy calendar of events, including several during the Wanstead Fringe. It is sure to be sadly missed by many regulars and locals.

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  1. Only just saw this. Very sad, many an hour Andrew Gower and I would have a game of chess and a pint or two. Of course not during the working day. Very sad it was a decent pub indeed. The times they are a changing and sometimes not for the better.

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