Definite green shoots

Things are pretty hard all round at the moment, but Wanstead is showing definite signs of promise in spite of everything.

There are at least three new ventures coming to the High Street which might help make up for those which have fallen victim to the hard times – including Percy Ingle and Time For Tea which last month announced it too was closing.

Even in shops and cafes which survive, many well-known and longstanding staff have departed. On behalf of Wanstead, we thank them for their service.

Most visible of the new entrants is the wine and cheese bar Degustation which is taking shape in its premises near to Bare Brew. Renovations are going on inside the shop, and there is an application notice in the window for a pavement licence for seating. Enthusiasm levels are sky high for this venture.

Also coming are, we are told, is a shop for pre-loved bridal wear shop in the former salon/petrol station/stables behind the Cuckfield. And what looks like an electrical shop in the former Rio shoe shop.

Things are also taking shape with the new building on the site of the old Joliffe builders’ office.

Good luck – and bravo – to all these entrepreneurs.

Footnote. Wansteadium happened to notice that in the spot above smart dress shop Le Voyage, where there was once the “Male Grooming Centre” – and before that the “Wanstead Sauna” – there is now an empty venue. Apparently it has been empty for a couple of years now but the signage has now all been removed, ready for conversion to office space.

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