It’s not looking good for unsung stalwart cafe of the High Street, Delicataste. Pretty much empty inside, the padlock on the door unwavering. It was admired for its breakfasts and salt beef sandwiches, but its apparent passing has barely raised an eyebrow. This is the time to spare it a thought.

  • Meanwhile good luck to Fat Biscuit, formerly Mario’s Shake Shack, which is undergoing a refit and due to reopen soon.

16 thoughts on “Delicatasted”

  1. Stopped going there years ago when I witnessed some staggering rudeness to staff from the owner, followed up by a bust up with a couple of customers. All over….wait for it….the correct way to cut cheese cake…..

    The basic attitude in there was that everyone in the place was trying to nick everything, staff and customers. A breakfast was double and triple checked before you paid for it. How it survived so long is a more interesting question, rather than the fact it is now shut.

  2. I am not surprised either, I found the woman who sat their taking the money arrogant and incredibly rude. I had a jacket potato that I was charged over ten pound for as I seemingly ‘went off piste’ having a dollop of hummus plonked on the side of it, one spoon worth. It never moved with the times.

  3. I agree with Michael Boverton-Jones.
    I too had a jacket potato there many years ago with no more than a dessert spoon of chilli con carne on top. When I asked for more, I was subjected to abuse about cutting open the potato before making a complaint. I told them that I was hoping there was more chilli inside. As I was refused more, I left it and said I would not pay for it. This caused havoc at the till with me being shouted at in front of many people. Needless to say that was about 9 years ago and I never stepped foot inside again. I am not surprised to read these sort of comments at all and will not miss the place one bit.

  4. There have been rumours for some time, but the Delicataste always managed to survive. If this really is the end, then I’m very sorry to see it go; it was a beautiful, old-fashioned shop, which concentrated on serving good food – you could always rely on getting a quality meal (even if you were, like me, a vegan).

  5. I’m extremely surprised by some of the comments on Wansteadium’s site. I always found the Delicataste and its owner, Joyce, warm and welcoming, and my friends and I have used it as a meeting-place for many years, because the food and coffee was so good and reliable. Most of the Wanstead cafes are loud, noisy and uncomfortable – not the sort of places you go to for a quiet chat.

  6. Stepping over the threshold of Delicataste was like visiting the old Soviet department store GUM. Take your goods then walk over to the old woman on the till to pay. Strange shop

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