Delivery of a pig? For the name ‘Wanstead’?

Marylebone’s Ginger Pig (Photo Ewan Munro, via Flickr/Creative Commons

It’s looking like it might be reasonable now to get our hopes up that the Ginger Pig actually might be coming to Wanstead.

Reports of conversations – so technically rumours – are that the company put in an offer for the AG Dennis property late last week, and that now the offer has been accepted by the landlords. Some Wanstead folk (including Wansteadium) have asked the Ginger Pig on social media if the rumours are true, but they have not been confirmed. But it’s beginning to look like they might be. A string of garlic Toulouse sausages all round if it’s true!


Kevin Murphy, of Wanstead Fish, confirms the rumour on our Facebook page:  
* There is a Ginger Pig in Victoria Park (just over the road from Luppolo’s sister pub the Lauriston), but coming to Wanstead would be the furthest east the company has ventured. In the current copy of the Marylebone Journal (something far posher than Wansteadium could ever be), there is an interview with Ginger Pig founder Tim Wilson, who describes reactions to the company’s first foray north of the Thames:


* For the sake of clarity, here’s Wansteadium’s as-of-this-moment official policy on rumours. We love hearing rumours, getting tip-offs, seeing things on social media, chatting on the High Street etc. Love it. Please tell us anything you think which is newsworthy. Though just a humble blog, we follow best journalistic practice on keeping sources anonymous if they wish. Unlike most ‘professional’ media though, we are prepared to say when something is just a rumour. We’ve done it several times, and we think the readers of Wansteadium are sophisticated enough to know what that means. (We’re not flattering you – it’s just true.)

But. We won’t report rumours which libel people, cause them distress, stir up trouble or bad feeling needlessly, or endanger people’s businesses. It’s just not what we’re here to do. Also, people are always welcome to tell us things, but it has to be up to us whether to report them or not. And we might always change this policy, but for the time being, this is the way we blog.

23 thoughts on “Delivery of a pig? For the name ‘Wanstead’?”

    1. Can’t comment for others but I didn’t feel I got good service at Dennis’s on a number of occasions. I hadn’t used them for years because of it. Will happily give any new butcher’s a look… regardless of their brand.

  1. GREAT!!! Another chain, no matter how you dress it up!

    Can you imagine the outrage, probably from the same people, if it was (and this is the key word) an independent beauty salon or nail bar?

    Sadly, it’s all about snob value (and property prices) and not seeing true independent traders thrive on an independent high street. Anyway, I must dash off to Starbucks now to Tweet the good news!

    @Ruth Jay – yes, you make an excellent point.

    1. They may have a few shops but they are not owned by a corpororation as many so called independent brands are. This is just business. The Larder has three sites – are they a chain?? I think Sumo has another restaurant – are they a chain? The same with Lupollo. If you are saying that someone with a good idea should remain in one shop and not develop and expand then I suggest you move to Russia. The Ginger Pig [if they do come] will bring a much needed boost to the high street. They just need to sort the parking out now.

  2. I really hope they come to Wanstead. God knows that high street needs someone with a bit of taste and style to move in. Must say they probably put in their offer before they saw the signage of The Lighthouse!!! Or ventured down to Gezi Park!! Wanstead Fish, Nice Croissant, Sumo, etc need all the help they can get. Personally I will never set foot in The Lighthouse again so heads up for the diet.

    1. Yes we must punish the independent businesses when they use the wrong font. Let’s not use them so they go out of business and a chain with a lovely font takes it place. That’ll show ’em and just what we need.

      1. Well, yes actually. It’s nothing to do with the typeface and everything to do with following the rules in a conservation area. Gezi and LIghthouse are just ignoring perfectly sensible planning rules with their new signs.

  3. I love your school of thought, Juan. Indie = good; chain = bad. What good is a high street full of independent retailers if they’re all rubbish? We’re crying out for someone like The Ginger Pig to raise the profile of our high street and attract other quality businesses. Those sausage rolls… GP would be a great addition and I hope it happens.

    I agree with Kim Smith’s point about the Lighthouse’s new frontage, it’s not brilliant is it. There’s clearly no shop front guide at Redbridge Council. But I’ll continue to shop there as their fish & chips are damn tasty. That should be the most important thing.

  4. @Kim Smith:
    “Must say they probably put in their offer before they saw the signage of The Lighthouse!!!”. Snob value? I rest my case. “I suggest you move to Russia.” Sorry to break it to you, Kim, but the Soviet Union disbanded in 1989. Didn’t anyone tell you? Oops!

    I find your logic and analysis of my points bizarre, to say the least. The point I was making was that so many people opine about having ‘local’ shops in ‘The Village’ (y’know, that road that’s right next to the A12), but those shops must conform to their narrow definition of ‘good’. At this point ‘local’ goes out the window, as ‘approved’ brands roll in and squeeze out the real independents. It’s just a continuation of the social cleansing of Wanstead, led of course by the absurd property prices.

  5. @Juan, @Dan, quite frankly the ‘local’ point is irrelevant. What we want are ‘good’ shops. And I would put the Ginger Pig in that category. Yes, it’s a small chain, but it’s a very good butcher that will greatly enhance the High Street.

    If you really want ‘local’, then head into Leytonstone and explore Hooksmith, All You Read is Love, Wild Goose Bakery, Panda, Marmelo etc. Places like these are huge assets and suit the different vibe on the other side of the Green Man. However, they wouldn’t really fit into Wanstead’s more conventional High Street (and presumably much higher rents) – whereas the Ginger Pig would.

    1. Good point Andrew – but I would happily put these 5 on Wanstead High Street: Hooksmith, All You Read is Love, Wild Goose Bakery, Panda and Marmelo in the place of these 5: Tesco, Starbucks, Costa, (empty) Barclays and any estate agent.

      I’m sure most would agree with me – and they would raise the style/tone/content of the High Street.

  6. Great news about Ginger Pig . It’s high standard
    Hope they do the pies as well
    This really could encourage other similar retailers to come to Wanstead to make the high street even more hip and happening
    Sort the parking though!!

  7. Excellent Dennis’s we must have gone to different places! They lacked imagination or warmth. No passion equals no custom. They were not a local family butchers. They dyed their burgers and rarely smiled or made conversation. It’s sad for Dennis’s but it was in their hands. The custom is there.

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