Developer: ‘Don’t call it Evergreen Field’

Intriguing tactical move from the man wanting to build houses on the Evergreen Field on Wanstead High Street. Dalbir Singh Sanger – who last month said he would “just continue fighting with the public for the next 20 years” if his plans weren’t accepted – has now told the Wanstead Guardian a mosque could be built on the site.

He has told the paper he has had an enquiry from “an interested party in the Middle East”, though he did not name them. He added: “I really don’t want to sell the land on. I want to keep it and give half of it back to the community.”

Mr Sanger added that he didn’t want it to be called Evergreen Field “because it’s not even green”. The paper says that the name came into use in the mid-90s, named after a house called Evergreen Lodge which was on the land until the 1960s.

The Wanstead Society application for community use for the field is to be debated by council planners next month. At last month’s area one committee, councillors indicated that since the land was classed as an “open space”, it had a higher degree of protection than even green belt land.

17 thoughts on “Developer: ‘Don’t call it Evergreen Field’”

  1. Fair play to Dal Boy and Rodney if they’ve found someone to sell to who understands even less about planning than they do. However, bit worried about what the Middle Eastern lot might chop off if the deal goes Pete Tong ..

  2. Do we think the Qataris are looking for a base out East? Given how they’ve dawdled with their west london plans we could have whatever we’re calling our field today in the same state for a while.

  3. Whilst I find the prospect of a Mosque being erected on the site pretty appalling & unlikely to succeed,I also find the fact that this has gone on for so long & shows no real sign of coming to a conclusion an utter joke … Let the man build his houses and a kids play area so at least the land is getting used ! What happens to the remainder of the site LBR can thrash out over the next 10 years and no doubt then some !!!

  4. He bought the land knowing he could not build on it. He has left it unused purposely.
    It has the protection of the councils important urban open space policy.
    Dalbir Singh Sanger says he needs to make money off the site. Well he is not allowed to build. Why does he not offer to sell the site back to the council , or better still the council should consider using its compulsory purchase powers in order to enforce its important urban open space policy and in the public interest of the boroughs residents. Case solved. Next!

  5. The “Artist’s impression” is actually a crudely Photoshopped image of the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque in Beirut. This “proposal” is just bluster, and so childish as to be laughable.

  6. Correction: Stowe has now posted disowning all comments by “Wanstead High St Developer”. Who could that be then? Rosemary the telephone operator?

  7. Just a note about Wansteadium housestyle. Since we like to think of Wanstead as a civilised place to live, we think Wansteadium should be a place for civilised conversation. So please, however strongly you feel, do make sure you express yourself politely. Thank you.

  8. Clearly bluster from Sanger, who thinks that the prospect of a mosque on the High Street will be enough to terrify Wanstead into giving in to his plans.

    But there is nothing either “offensive” or “appalling” about the idea that there could be a mosque here (Wanstead I mean, though not necessarily Evergreen Field). Muslims are allowed to live here (they’re certainly allowed to serve us lots of food here). If someone can legally obtain a place to put a mosque up, legally, then Muslims should be allowed to worship here without worrying that they are thereby causing “offence” to anyone.

  9. I’d go along with that Sumit. I think it’s quite likely that the poster was referring to the developer’s modus operandi. Having leaked one set of plans, then taken offence at negative comments, he’s firstly said it could be his (expensive) vegetable patch, then changed tack again. I think he’s been creatively provocative – trying to whip up a bit of Daily Fail type oppobrium which he can then use to his advantage trying to look like an underdog.

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