Domino’s withdraws Cinnamon plan

Cinnamon is NOT open

Domino’s Pizza has withdrawn its bid to convert the former Cinnamon restaurant on Wanstead High Street into a takeaway branch.

The planning document on the Redbridge site states simply that the bid has been withdrawn, without specifying reasons.

The application would have meant a change of use of (A3) cafe/restaurant to (A5) hot food take-away, and other changes including:

  • installation of a replacement shopfront
  • installation of a cycle stand
  • installation of a roof mounted extract duct, fresh air duct, compressor unit and air conditioning unit,
  • installation of a replacement doorway to the rear elevation,
  • installation of a new refuse area,
  • installation of a replacement stairway,
  • removal of an existing ‘lean-to-structure’ and ‘pitched roof’ and
  • the removal of an existing rooflight.

Meanwhile mystery surrounds Costa’s bid to move in to the former Enigma. The company has approved for planning permission to install illuminated signs (something which is anathema to the Wanstead Society), but says it has no firm plans to open a branch here. Very odd.

11 thoughts on “Domino’s withdraws Cinnamon plan”

  1. Good riddance!! They were not wanted in Wanstead.
    The threat to Wanstead High Street is the parking situation. Our Councillors need to wake up to the fact that we now have empty shops, and businesses moving out, due to the ‘residents only’ parking regime introduced last year. Unless they retract this, Wanstead as we know it will die. Local shops are suffering because of the parking restrictions. Empty shops = zero business rates – is this a good decision???
    Please write to your Councillors to protest.

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