Doubt over ‘memorial ride’ for Wanstead cyclist Dan Harris

There is confusion about whether a planned cycle ride in memory of Wanstead cyclist Dan Harris, who was killed in a crash with an Olympic media bus last week, will go ahead this week.

Dan, 28, who lived on Wanstead High Street with his girlfriend, died cycling home from his office in the City. He had started cycling to avoid the Tube congestion during the Olympics. His death sparked a debate about cycle helmets, though his family have said that Dan was wearing a helmet and was a careful cyclist.

Flowers were laid at the site of Dan’s death on Monday, and there has been talk on cyclists’ forums about adding a “ghost bike” at the scene. (These are bikes which are painted completely white and left permanently at the scene of cyclists’ deaths to mark the spot.)

But there does not seem to be agreement on the forums about whether a cycle ride, which was floated last week immediately after his death, during the Games should go ahead. One commenter said: “Any ride on 10 August will end in disorder. Leave well alone. It is not a fitting tribute…”

This followed a statement from Dan’s family which said: [O]ur family do not want Daniel’s name associated with any protests, or used for any ‘political point-scoring’ whatsoever by pro-cycling lobbyists or similar factions.”

His colleagues at online printing firm said: “[A]ll we can ask is that you take extra care on the roads.”

Meanwhile the Evening Standard’s Ross Lydall is reporting that on Sunday, TfL altered the road markings at the junction where the accident happened, and added extra signs urging cyclists to use an adjacent cycle path. He also reports that “advance stop lines” which allow cyclists to get out ahead of traffic waiting at lights were removed 10 days before Dan’s death.