Easily puzzled? Look away now. It’s that masked man on a Sinclair C5 again

Wansteadium won’t be alone in not quite knowing what to make of this video, filmed on Wednesday by Jogga Singh Teidy, the man who rides around Wanstead in a Sinclair C5. Longtime readers of this blog might remember him featuring here last year, and if nothing else, the fact that he is still pootling around is testament to the durability of his plastic battery-powered prototricycle. No one would have seen that coming, in more ways that one.

But regardless of that, and in the interests of the gaiety of the nation, we are happy to present Jogga Singh Teidy’s helicopter news. As he told us:

This is a one man project on enthusiasm and need to create a better world view for our kids, pop songs next for me!

Although the circumstances of the helicopter visit have not been officially verified, tweets from Adam “hotbuns” Lewis @loobola suggest that a construction worker might have fallen from scaffolding in Sydney Road. We wish the injured party well and at the very least we hope that Wanstead’s have-a-go scaffolder Tommy Stapleton has now been safely accounted for.

4 thoughts on “Easily puzzled? Look away now. It’s that masked man on a Sinclair C5 again”

  1. Ha! I saw this dude for the first time yesterday while out running. He was feeding the bird on by the lake near City of London Cemetery. Remember thinking….. that’s odd.

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