End of an era


The elegant little garage on Church Path, I&K Brown, shut its doors for the final time on Friday evening, after 40 years serving Wanstead motorists. Wansteadium reader Faisal Nisar was probably their last customer – he was having his MoT done – and recorded the moment in these photographs.

Messrs Brown and Brown are retiring, and Wansteadium wishes them very well. The plan is for the site to be redeveloped into three new houses – one four-bedroom and two three-bedrooms. The designs had caused some consternation – some living nearby objected to the modern design. Planning permission was however granted at the end of June this year.






9 thoughts on “End of an era”

  1. sad news. on a related matter i was told that LBR have disbanded the conservation area panel:
    such good news as they have for reasons hard to fathom allowed so much inappropriate development (like browns garage) and speculation could lead to unwanted legal action. the wanstead society has a representative on this panel and thus is chiefly to blame in my opinion.

  2. I’m sad to see them go. Another quirky corner of Wanstead reduced to smooth uniformity. Saddest news since the deliberate collapse of Truffles and its neighbour, which finally killed off the charming little nook that was once Dark Alley. And, of course, the continuinf desecration of what was once the Woodbine.

  3. What a shame been using the garage for years.Always welcoming always helpful. I’m betting it’s not just the end of an era for IK but for customers who might find it hard to find another friendly and reliable garage and crew

  4. Very sad to hear this news. Ian, Keith and colleagues looked after our cars for nearly 20 years and had our complete trust that a good job was done at a fair price.

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