Recurring Event Open weekend at the Temple

Open weekend at the Temple

The Temple, Wanstead Park

The Temple explores the history of Wanstead Park through the Roman, Regency and Victorian periods to the present day. The Temple has: a history of the Park's Roman Villa, told through mosaics and other items from our museum collection a tale of Regency romance gone wrong, fit to rival the best period drama statues which … Continue reading "Open weekend at the Temple"

Tours of the crypt (13 Sept)

Wanstead St. Mary’s Overton Drive, Wanstead

Four chances to take a tour of the crypt beneath St Mary’s church including some of the last resting places of key figures in Wanstead’s history. Access to the crypt is difficult with steep stairs and a constricted access tunnel. It’s nevertheless a unique experience. Proceeds are going towards the improvement of the crypt access. … Continue reading "Tours of the crypt (13 Sept)"


The Golden Years, and from Blair to Boris

Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive, Wanstead

Photojournalists Geoff Wilkinson and Stefan Rousseau will be showing their pictures taken from around the world for newspapers and magazines and talking about the stories behind them. Geoff has photographed for numerous magazines including YOU magazine at the Mail on Sunday and IN STYLE and PEOPLE magazines in America plus newspapers both in this country … Continue reading "The Golden Years, and from Blair to Boris"


A Non-Emergency (13 Sept)

The Bull 129 High Street, Wanstead

This eye-opening play, which is coming to the Wanstead Fringe directly from playing in Edinburgh, is written by Wanstead local Marissa Landy and is based on her real-life experiences of … Continue reading "A Non-Emergency (13 Sept)"

£9.50 – £12.00