Evergreen cleaner


It’s good to see the Evergreen field getting a tidy after its recent visitors – it had in any case become overgrown. The incident has however reminded people of the impasse that seems to have occurred over the future of the area, with its owners having unsuccessfully proposed controversial developments in the past. It will be interesting to see if the debate is now kickstarted.

10 thoughts on “Evergreen cleaner”

  1. They should listen to us residents – What we want is a drive through KFC or if not perhaps a small parade of shops with a betting shop, a Poundland and one of those nice pretty shops with all the flashing lights that sells mobile phone cases, international phone cards and fidget spinners.

  2. The Evergreen Field has been untended, unloved and neglected for at least 40 years. I have no idea why, but “something should be done”. Happy to help if anyone has an idea. Wanstead community should reclaim it, and let it be enjoyed by us all!

  3. A car park with nice shrubs. The owner would get revenue from the parking… on Sundays it could be used for Farmer’s Market… also providing revenue for the owner.

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