Evergreen decision delayed

Architect’s illustration of the plan, via Redbridge Planning

The delayed decision on the future of the Evergreen Field has been put back again, after a series of revisions and delays to the process. It had been expected that council officers would give a verdict by the end of April.

But a spokesperson for Redbridge Council said: “The application is currently being considered by council officers and it is anticipated that the application will be referred to the Council’s Planning Committee for a decision no later than July.”

5 thoughts on “Evergreen decision delayed”

  1. I saw a man in orange jumpsuit in Evergreen Fields yesterday exploring the undergrowth near the fence on Christchurch side. I thought this means the Council is taking the latest proposal seriously

  2. how peculiar that some trees are in full leaf in the photo and others (not on the high street elevation) are bare!!!!!

    1. It was also changed when the library, the shops, the houses, the church was built. It changed when the house/flat you live in was built. The world moves on. It is an unusable piece of private land surrounded by accessible open space. And people need somewhere to live.

    2. People need open spaces. The Wanstead Society had worthy alternative suggestions and the land was sold with a covenant preventing building on the site.

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