Evergreen wait goes on

Image via Redbridge Planning

The wait for the verdict from Redbridge planners on the application to build flats on the Evergreen Field on Wanstead High Street goes on…

Originally scheduled for the autumn, decision day was put back until the start of January, and now is due at the end of the month. Whatever decision the planners come up with is bound to be contested, either by the developer or by the rest of Wanstead*. This is what 2024 is going to look like.

(Our original report on the application is here. )

10 thoughts on “Evergreen wait goes on”

  1. I won’t be contesting developments. It’s a great idea and will bring further investment into the area. Please stop speaking for the unspoken majority.

    1. I’m inclined to agree. As much as we need green spaces this is inaccessible and an eyesore. Rather than leaving it to decay bringing in investment and housing seems a reasonable use. In an ideal world it would be opened up as green space or used as something for the community. But it’s privately owned so I can see why an owner would not want to effectively donate it and bear the cost. There is a benefit for letting nature have a human free area to thrive. But there’s also a benefit to investment in jobs and housing.

      I also agree sometimes there’s a narrative here of people and the editor speaking on behalf of what everybody in Wanstead wants assuming they all do. But clearly that’s not always true.

      1. I agree with you with respect to the narrative. There’s also a note of NIMBYism in response to every change. How can younger people afford to stay in the same area as their parents if there is not more housing built?

  2. Appears to be more attractive than the Snaresbrook Station horror-show, I just hope to God it’s safer for residents though.
    I think there’s a big feeling of “don’t change anything in our lovely Wanstead”. I get that totally, but as long as it’s attractive, necessary and SAFE then I think to a degree we have to accept and move on?

  3. More housing is essential, but the horror planned at Snaresbrook Station is a shocker. Shocking that it was ever contemplated, let alone given the go-ahead! Shame on Redbridge council.

  4. My main concerns are around further urbanisation of the area, as this is linked to worse health in people. Keeping the nature around intact is a priority.

    1. As is giving people places to live and places to earn a living. It’s all well and good looking after those with places to live but the population is growing and people need jobs and accommodation, not just for those who already have it.

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