Excellent rubbish news

Recycling and gardening waste collections are resuming across Redbridge after a break of several weeks caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

Fortnightly green bag garden waste collections are resuming today, Monday 11 May, while separate recycling collections will begin again next week on Monday 18 May.

Both stopped because there were not enough staff available to make the collections while following social distancing. Regular refuse collections were also brought forward, meaning residents had to place their rubbish at the edge of their property by 5am (incidentally supporting the local fox population).

Redbridge Council has also announced that the Chigwell Road tip has reopened; the area is bracing itself for long queues. Deposits are restricted to domestic waste only.

3 thoughts on “Excellent rubbish news”

  1. IMO LBR give very low priority to recycling. think they have a very poor London/ national record from memory. LBTH and no doubt other boroughs didnt suspend for so long.

  2. Waltham Forest, Barking & Dagenham and Epping did not stop any collections at all. Redbridge seem to be the only borough whose staff were ill…really??? Even now it’s not the regular workers doing the job, they’re tidier than our usual bunch!
    Thank goodness they no longer have the nerve to knock for a Christmas treat

  3. Redbridge council are incapable of putting themselves in a bad light. They ceased proper collections as soon as they could, yet all around the country proper recycling continued. What was ‘leave your recycling in black bags and we’ll take it away with the rubbish and sort it out later’ all about? Did anyone believe that?

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