Eyes on the Green

Lots of eyes are on the controversial kiosk cafe on Christchurch Green which has opened for business. Will it lead to a change in the kind of people using the green? Will it lead to a rise or a fall in the amount of litter? Will it increase or decrease anti-social behaviour? Will the impact on high street cafes and shops be noticeable, or could it attract more people to spend time in Wanstead? We’re not sure how these questions will be answered, but at the time of writing, there have been no reports of the sky falling in.

We will however be interested to hear about the plans for small recitals and events which were part of the proposition.

23 thoughts on “Eyes on the Green”

  1. I saw it open the other day. They have usual coffees etc and a few cakes/savouries. Not a huge selection but given the size I guess that’s what they can offer. A few of people were sat in the sun quietly having a drink which was nice.

    Oh the humanity…..

    1. I tried it out, very nice, lovely place to sit in summer, & if you have children you can keep an eye in them in the playground, & even treat them modestly without having to walk too far… When playtime is over, OK, now off to the Co-op, Tesco’s or wherever!!

  2. £3.20 for a coffee in a paper cup to sit in public space!

    Think best thing is to boycott this nonsense and support local business in high street.

        1. Apologies. I will tell everyone I know about this great little coffee place to come and enjoy it in the park and lament those that are missing.

        1. Weren’t empty when I went past. There was a local asbo shooting up whilst his mates tried to plan an illegal rave outside the kiosk, with their music playing slightly louder than I would’ve liked. Honestly we’ve all lost the plot.

  3. I really don’t have a problem with it – the council needs to raise revenue and they saw an opportunity. That’s how capitalism works. Of course, we’ll have plenty commenting here about organising boycotts and even picket lines. Another Treegate anyone?

  4. A change in people using the Green??? What is that all about? Frankly I was opposed to the kiosk but it now looks OK and is unobtrusive. Live and let live.

  5. £3.20 for a cup of Coffee – you must be joking – What happens when its raining [A free umbrella] or do they just close up – what is to stop you buying a coffee in one of the high street cafes and taking onto the green – would like to know who gets the profits – Just seems a waste of time to me – out many places in the high street can you get a cuppa – COUNT THEM.

    1. Yeah, I’d much rather give my three quid to a multi-National conglomerate like Costa than a little kiosk in the park. Even Gails, that plucky coffee shop with 79 locations deserves that change more than that scary looking kiosk on the green…

  6. Sat there when the fun fair was on. Pleasant people running the kiosk, average age sitting outside was (apart from babies) 40 – 70, no yobs! All very nice really.

    1. You mean just polite Wanstead residents?

      I’m shocked to the core. I am sure I heard some local drug dealers saying “Let’s start dealin’ at the new kiosk, their lattes are banging and their gluten free pastries are proper sic bruv”

      1. And just look at the hordes of alkies that have descended on “our little piece of heaven” (bleugh) since this monstrosity appeared to ruin everything.

        The doomsayers were right after all. Who’d have thought?

  7. I have no issue with the Cafe. But I think it would have been better if they had set it up in Clabury Park which does not have any cafe rather than trying to compete with the businesses in the high street.

  8. I tried it out and liked it – good coffee, nice snacks, seats are under the trees so provide some rain cover…different to the places on the High Street so not sure it will take away business from them. I hope it is a success.

  9. £3,20 is totally understandable for a cafe on the high st with the extortionate rent and rates on the high st .
    But a kiosk in the park with no rent or rates council run is taking the proverbial.
    Vision and Redbridge council law unto themselves,

    1. The law of supply and demand. And let’s be honest, if they’d undercut the other places on the high st can you imagine the furore??

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