Felicity flees

Farewell to estate agent Felicity Lord whose Wanstead branch now seems to be very much a former branch. There are rumours of another agent moving into central Wanstead but this could be a siren warning…

(And as pictured in August thanks to Google Streetview.)

12 thoughts on “Felicity flees”

  1. Another warning that Wanstead is clearly on the decline…
    More and more empty units and negative comments about what people do not want on social media is killing the area.

    We are a long way from one of the top 10 places to live! Now Estate Agents are leaving, the one near the post office has also gone.

    Lack of retail units (filled), Estate agents leaving.. All a sign that soon house prices will be on the down and the area will be a shadow of it’s former self.

    1. The estate agent near the post office was never actually a real one – set up as front for the cube development that got turned down. They were the property developers behind it.

    1. Sensationalist, Sally? Nous? Are you having a laugh? And if you believe we have a headline which has no basis in fact, we would be very keen to hear from you directly. We pride ourselves on only saying things we know to be true – and if we are reporting rumours, we make it absolutely clear. ie not like any newspaper we can think of.

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