Final push for the playground

The final fundraising push for the Wanstead Playground is under way with just over two weeks to raise the final £2,000. At the time of writing, the total raised stands at £11,523 with just 16 days to go.

Because of the way crowdfunding works, if it misses the target, the whole project falls. One of the organisers, Louise Meenaghan (whose original email to Wansteadium got this whole ball rolling) said: “We’re running around like headless chickens, pulling all the stops out to hopefully get there. If we don’t hit that magic figure, then all the online pledges are given back to people and we have failed. Heart-breaking. We’ve had amazing support from local people, the High Street – the majority of the Estate agents have donated – Keatons pledging a whopping £1,000. A local lady pledged £500 – we’re blown away and so so grateful.”

One way to help raising the rest of the money is to try to win an enormous Easter Egg made by Belgique… Watch this video for more details…

Or just donate via the crowdfunding page.

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