First sighting in Wanstead Hedgehog Hunt

The Wanstead Hedgehog Hunt, launched by Wansteadium last week, seeks to disprove the notion that there are no hedgehogs left in Wanstead, despite the greenery, the open spaces, and the lush gardens.

First reported sighting comes from Jo Mussett, who took this photo of a hedgehog in her Woodbury Close garden. The bad news though is that this was in 2008.

Wansteadium reader Mark Bentley, however, offered this tweet on Saturday morning:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/markb999/status/82029109311569920″]

So the map now has one pin dropped on it. Please report any sightings (dead or alive, current or within past five years) to, and pass the word around…

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2 thoughts on “First sighting in Wanstead Hedgehog Hunt”

  1. We have a hedgehog visiting our garden in Warren Road WANSTEAD nightly I will try and get a photo for you as soon as I get a chance.

  2. I saw a hedgehog last week in Wanstead. Unfortunately, I found it dead outside this morning. I have tweeted you the picture.

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