6 thoughts on “Gentrification hits pigeons”

  1. Flying rats willingly accepting the invitation to the corner of Grosvenor Road/High Street, which is a mess anyway these days, due to the rubbish constantly left by Gails Bakery – and which is topped up by fly tipping opportunists! The phantom bird seed dropper is also at it again I see. Just Fab!!

  2. She’s no phantom..bold as brass, selfish so and so…..plus however can a bakery have waste? Give it away….

  3. I find pigeons more attractive and interesting than most humans, and the waste they leave is much easier to clear away and does not pollute the planet…….

  4. Joking aside, there is a serious matter about litter, waste, pigeons and rats – the ‘darker side’ of Wanstead and one which consistently gets ignored or overlooked in favour of new signage etc. There is an important responsibility of shop owners of eateries to manage their waste/ rubbish properly. I overheard a member of staff at one of the bakeries on the High Street saying that there ‘were rats the size of dogs at the back’ the other day. I’ve seen members of the public (one in particular and we all know who she is – no phantom – she’s very well known and aggressive if you dare to challenge her) feed pigeons in the park next to the Evergreen site which is overrun by rats, the bins in the park have no lids and come summer, the park is strewn with litter – I’m not sure how the message needs to get across but year’s ago there used to be town centre managers who were ‘one stop’ shops for managing this….any ideas Wansteadium!

  5. Sad to see that mallard ducks have joined the list of non-welcome ‘verminous’ wildlife. Canada geese have been on it for years, of course. What next? Starlings? sparrows?

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