Go Wanstead Village!

 Some people think the idea that Wanstead should be considered “a village” is a bit twee.  Others defend it affectionately, and sometimes even passionately.

Either way, the village-ness gets an almighty backing in Friday’s Times property supplement. These are the key paragraphs…

 The paper mentions the local sporting facilities – golf, cricket, riding – and the good ratings for Wanstead Church School and Wanstead High School.

It then goes on to talk about community spirit, giving due credit to the playground fundraising, but unavoidably missing out a mention either of local blogs or annual fringe festivals. Weird.  

4 thoughts on “Go Wanstead Village!”

  1. Fascinating stuff, the whole culture of Wanstead has changed with all the rented property the peide in the local community and family culture we enjoyed when moving here in the late 70’s has gone. But apparently it is village Wanstead odd because it is all about property values nothing about family life. Can you get your kids into a local school probably not but on the bright side lots of cafes coffee shops and of course estate agents. Lots of nurseries if you can afford them how did we let this happen.

  2. Personally speaking. I think Wanstead is exactly what Im looking for in a place to live
    Small but lovely. Its clear there is a sense of cohesiveness. Swop my house in Suffolk anyday.

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