Good news for bees, bad news for hedgehogs

The pioneering Seeds for Snaresbrook campaign – which launched last year by asking residents to “adopt” tree pits near their houses and then to plant bee-friendly flowers – is again offering people free seeds.

Ann Williams, co-ordinator of the Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth says the group still has seeds for sowing in April in spare pieces of ground, including people’s gardens. And she adds that people who live in Redbridge but are outside Snaresbrook ward can also request seeds. Anyone interested should get in touch via their website – Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth – or their Facebook page.


*Note for new readers. This.

5 thoughts on “Good news for bees, bad news for hedgehogs”

  1. Love the scheme; hate the ‘no spray’ notices.

    Must be a better way to inform council sprayers.

    Will do my tree pit for the first time this year 🙂

  2. I revamped my tree pit last summer and put up my “no spray” notice. However it was pulled down countless times by certain individuals from Wanstead High School, regardless of how tight I tied it onto the tree and the fact I put it on there with wire. I think I’ve lost heart for this year as if I dont put up a sign, it will probably be sprayed. Thanks kids!! So a scheme whereby the council is aware of seeded tree pits but without the need for a sign would be great.

  3. Tesco Wanstead High St appear to have ‘adopted’ the tree outside the store :

    Don’t think it’ll attract many bees and insects though!! Seriously, is this a practice residents and other shopkeepers would encourage often 24/7?

  4. SaraF I understand but try not lose heart. Residents in my street ‘adopted’ all the tree pits and registered them with the council department so that they wouldn’t be sprayed but the instruction didnt seem to get through so our healthy seedlings were sprayed. We didn’t give up and sowed seeds again and this time put up the notices some of which were pulled off but generally the message got through and we had a lovely display. We planted bulbs last Autumn and these are now flowering beautifully. We will plant seeds now to have a continued display. Passers by often comment and GENERALLY it appears to deter litter , dog fouling and trampling.

  5. Spring is in Dover Road and 2 trees are now in the planting round a tree scheme. For info the council has said not to put up ‘Don’t spray me’ signs as their work people will not spray our trees! So watch this space

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