Green Man warning

Wansteadium reader Gary writes: Be aware that Waltham Forest have set up a camera on the bus lane on Whipps Cross Road leading into Green Man Roundabout. Also the other end of Whipps X Road has a new camera operating too. Lots of Hospital staff finding out the hard way. My wife got a PCN but I have found a good reason to appeal which I will share when I have confirmed it is a solid reason.”

The Wanstead Guardian has more on the story here, including the remarkable figure of 6,200 penalty charge notices having been issued.

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  1. Fines are being given even if you clip the bus lane. It is a really difficult to avoid this as the lanes expand.

  2. Not only has a camera been installed but they have actually moved the “end of bus lane” sign a considerable distance from where it used to be. It used to be at the end of where the bus stop partition ended. It has now been moved to nearer the Green Man roundabout. This hardly gives you enough time and room to change lanes to turn left without encroaching into the bus lane. I copped three tickets in one week. I find it rather devious that the sign was moved and, as someone has previously stated, a camera has just gone up. This seems a deliberate ploy to entrap motorists. There is no notification of any changes to inform you. I will be challenging them. On one lunchtime I spotted 12 vehicles go into this bus lane in a five minute spell. I am sure not all of them were deliberately breaking the law – most would have just been unaware of these changes.u

  3. Heaven forbid that some of my fellow motorists take responsibility for obeserving new road signs and road markings. It is laziness and zombie driving (I didn’t notice it had changed) that will be the truthful reason of people getting tickets. Maybe if those with tickets paid attention to their surroundings they wouldn’t get fined.

  4. Over 6,ooo plus “zombies” caught so far. What was that you said? “Maybe if those with tickets paid attention to their surroundings they wouldn’t get fined”

    A bit of a contradiction then to state you had not noticed the sign being moved!
    Plus there are NO new road makings as you state – they have repositioned the sign without any alteration to the road markings. If I have made an error fair enough. Surely 6,000 plus tickets proves there may be a problem that needs looking at without jumping to unwarranted name calling?

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