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  1. Pointing fingers at every one else can be as dangerous as Covid! Children need to play and while I agree we need to be careful I think most people seem to be sensible and considerate.

  2. People are just following the rules set by the government, who say masks are not required outdoors. If we disagree with that, we should be having a go at the government, not the rule-following public.

    1. You only have a zealot’s word for that. I also walked past the playground, family units were distancing in accordance of the law

  3. I can’t commend on the playgrounds but I can about and totally agree about Wanstead High Street. I now only visit the High Street if I need to and as late in the afternoon as possible for the simple reason to avoid as many people as possible because as much as there are those who are serious about keeping safe distance and wearing masks, there are so many more who are not. This arrogant and irresponsible behaviour is the reason why the virus is still with us!

  4. Unless you walk pass somebody who happens to sneeze at the same time – Sorry folk how many people outside stay 2 metre apart especially in playgrounds and parks – Come on Folks – if your’e outside either STAY two metres apart or wear a mask – You may all be Adults – NOW ACT LIKE ADULTS.. If not for your sake then for the sake of others

  5. The new mutant is 50-70% more transmissible and Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor in the US has come out and said it’s airborne.
    Also Chris Whitty did say that it ‘may’ be advisable to wear a mask in crowded outdoor areas.
    Bottom line is if people want to be able to come out of lockdown we need to do everything in our power to get transmission down.
    You would hope that that would be everyone’s main priority?

  6. I agree people on Wanstead high street not following the rules of wearing masks on. High is always busy so it’s common sense people walking around should b wearing masks. Play ground too busy no social distancing. It’s ridiculous. Bcoc of irresponsible Behaviour of some people is why virus hasn’t gone & people r still dying. Imagine u walking & someone sneezes . U definitely will catch virus & will pass on to more others.

  7. Whilst wearing a mask outside is not mandatory. The queue outside Ginger Pig was 3 hours long for 3 days on the trot before Christmas. I can’t believe that not wearing a mask in that kind of a queue is sensible. Queues outside the post office and the 2 bakeries can be long. When Boris says you can rely on the common sense of the great British Public surely wearing a mask when queues are long at this point of the pandemic is not too much to adk for and are just pure common sense.

  8. Although it isn’t a legal requirement to wear masks outdoors, we’re so used to them now, why not ? Every little helps. And it keeps your nose warm.

    1. Please don’t presume to speak for everyone. I am not ‘used’ to masks nor ever will be. I loathe them with every fibre of my being, both wearing one and for the dehumanising societal effect on the people around me. I will wear one when the law demands and not one second longer. No amount of government-sanctioned self-rightous bullying will change that. Until the law changes, I suggest you reacquaint yourselves with the expresssion ‘mind your own business’

  9. most people in the high street make no effort to social distance. a woman brushed passed my wife from behind on our last visit (as well as a jogger) and then told me she knows more than I do about covid! wouldnt surprise me if she was some sort of nurse or carer. many people are very inconsiderate.
    other areas have enforcement patrols. why not LBR?

  10. We are told to stay local. Staying local involves shopping local. Thats why there are always queues outside Gails, Ginger Pig, Tesco, etc. That is being responsible and following rules. I just cannot get my mind around the amount of children with their parents in the park children’s play area. It is mobbed every time I walk through the park. Children can spread it too you know!! I feel masks should be worn in outside areas too now as there has to be a reason the new covid is spreading so fast. Maybe it is airborn. I’m not comfortable wearing a mask, but its a pity is has come to a point where we have to be told what to do and not just do the right thing and wear the masks as much as possible, for all our sakes. I just want this lockdown over asap – do the right thing.

    1. You might find this thread interesting. It is from an epidemiologist.


      There are starting to be evidence that the virus is airborne.
      If doctors and nurses are wearing masks and PPE for a 12 or more hours shift on a daily basis, I think that the general public could make a little effort to wear it in long queues to get some sausages or an “essential” coffee from Costa or other crowded outdoor spaces. Common sense.

  11. If you don’t want to support your local shops because of the outside queues associated with Covid then get on a bus and go to a big supermarket where Covid is rife and you jeopardise your own high street ever being the high st you used to know because it won’t exist.

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