6 thoughts on “Happy Cherry Pey day, Wanstead”

  1. I see it’s in a shocking state because of the leaking pipe running onto it. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect the vile owner of ‘Spoons to do anything about it – but then I heard that the building is owned by Alan Sugar. If true, he isn’t exactly racing to repair it.

    1. In the era in which this plaque was made, English spelling was still unsettled so we are talking of a cherry pie being consumed at those premises. Could the Wanstead historians maybe expand on if and what hostelry might have been there at the time?

    2. Nobody really knows. I have read several different explanations over the years, my favourite is that it’s a corruption of ‘Cherry Pie’.
      There’s a few articles about it that show up on Google.

  2. Well I had my own cherry pie from Coop – I think it would be great if 17 July could be our unofficial Wanstead Day – Cherry Pie Day. I’m thinking of all things cherry-based plus maybe some morris dancers if we can find any.

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