Hedgehog update: Good news, bad news

Wansteadium’s hedgehog hunt is now into its third week, and we have built up several sightings around Wanstead.


• Spotted in Wanstead Park Avenue, Aldersbrook, Wansteadium reader Nick says: “Further proof as if it were needed that Aldersbrook is the Galapagos Islands of East London.”

Untitled from Tiggy Winkle on Vimeo.

• Deep e-mails from his house on The Green to say : “There is a hedgehog – I call him Harry – who comes to my garden every evening at around 10.30pm. The first time we met I was doing my Bob Marley impressions (badly) and the little dude came and scared the life out of me….  Do you intend to microchip them?”

• Sadly, though, Shiobhain tweeted us to say: “Found the hedgehog I saw last week dead outside this morning 🙁  It looked OK to me, so not sure what happened. I saw two foxes around it last week so maybe they were playing with it.”

• The updated map of sightings is below. The Wanstead Hedgehog Hunt goes on, though: please report any sightings, dead or alive, to hedgehogs@wansteadium.com

View Hedgehogs in Wanstead in a larger map

One thought on “Hedgehog update: Good news, bad news”

  1. We often have hedgehogs snuffling around our back garden (Colebrooke Drive)- I saw one last night. Plenty of foxes too though sadly, so I’m not sure how often I see the same one/s…

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