Hermon Hill residents’ fear of the future

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Another serious road crash at the crossroads between Hermon Hill and Wanstead High Street on Saturday morning has caused more worry for residents.

They have launched a petition calling on Redbridge council to introduce some traffic calming measures, fearing that an accident in which someone dies is only a matter of time.

Synagogue crash last September

A number of incidents in the past year have included a serious crash in September 2020 in which a car ended up in the front garden of the Sukkat Shalom synagogue (left).

This weekend’s incident involved the air ambulance and fears of serious injury.

Resident Lloyd Simpson told Wansteadium: “Given how many residents and users of the nurseries and care homes located here use this road it is sadly only a matter of time.

“We live in constant fear due to excessive and consistent speeding and cars mounting the pavements to park. The mums and dads I speak to on the road are beside themselves with worry. Many have lost loved pets but I fear the council will only do something when someone is mowed down.”

The petition is available here.

One thought on “Hermon Hill residents’ fear of the future”

  1. I believe the crash involved an unmarked police car chasing criminals. From the debris I saw and the attendance of an air ambulance there must have been serious injury or fatality. Just hope it was the criminals and not the police. I have given up contacting local councillors and the police to do something about the joy-riding young men who scream and around Wanstead day and night often in high performance cars and cars where the exhausts have been altered to make them back-fire and noisy. Then there are motorcyclists who do the same. A while back I even watched a speeding driver go through a red light at the same junction then beep his horn at pedestrians who were still (lawfully) crossing to get out of his way. The had to run to avoid being hit, including elderly persons. I have spoken to a number of people who are being constantly disturbed by these speeding and dangerous drivers, including residents in elderly care developments, and I am also affected, living on a busy road in Wanstead-my sleep gets regularly interrupted and quite enjoyment disturbed. Living on a busy road comes with traffic noise, I knew that, but in recent years the noise nuisance from these speeding drivers has become intolerable, to stay nothing about the air quality. Something drastic now needs to be done to stop the problem, but nothing will!

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