High-density explanations welcome

Redbridge councillors have discussed a proposal which would allow the density of housing in Wanstead, Woodford to quadruple between 2015 and 2030. The local development framework, which sets the priorities and goals for planning and building, is currently being formulated and one of the options considers, according to the Wanstead Guardian “large-scale developments in traditionally suburban “major corridors” in Woodford Green, South Woodford and Wanstead”.

Now Wansteadium has a passing interest in the activities of local councils, but doesn’t pretend to understand what all this really means. It is though a fair bet that many of the people who read this site (whether residents, experts or indeed councillors) do know what, if anything, this means. They are welcome to elucidate matters using the form below.

2 thoughts on “High-density explanations welcome”

  1. I’m guessing this would make it easier for the owners of the Evergreen site – (that land at the edge of the park on the high street) to get planning permission for a nice block of flats and a rash of similar developments.

    It will ruin everything that makes Wanstead great. We don’t have the facilites to support higher density. Look at the primary schools admissions debacle. Look at what this council have done to Ilford. A previous head of Redbridge planning told me that it was his legacy to make Ilford a shopping haven. If that’s their idea of great urban planning, I’d rather they didn’t work their magic on us…..

    Our councilors need to work for us here to make sure our views are heard (obviously other may have different views to mine).

  2. I wonder if there is too much appeasement of Redbridge’s planning judgement by local Councillors and even local planning interest groups, these days. Why do we need to work with the Council; let’s see some leadership.

    I’d agree with Monster Girl that any policy to develop Ilford as a shopping centre to rival Olympic Stratford was doomed to fail.

    Ok so this potential policy change is worrying, but we should be as worried by the Council’s current decision making.

    Wansteadium; put up a new restaurant thread if you want Councillor input…….

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