High density housing plan for Wanstead ‘scrapped’

The possibility of increased high-density housing for Wanstead and Woodford, which was one of the options in a consultation for local longterm planning, has been scrapped, the Wanstead Guardian is reporting.

The suggestion was widely opposed by residents, who argued that infrastructure such as schools, playgrounds and surgeries were already struggling. That approach appears to have been successful.

Councillor Kam Rai, who chaired the working group for the Local Development Framework, told the paper:

“This report is 18 months of work and from looking into detail at all the options, we want to have the relevant infrastructure in place. This is difficult with the Wanstead and Woodford option.

“It was a case of what we want the borough to look like in ten years, schools and doctors’ surgeries are already under pressure in Wanstead and Woodford.”


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