Highstone ‘will be back’

Photo: Erin O’Connor

The Leyton highstone – the obelisk which sits at the corner of Hollybush Hill and New Wanstead at Snaresbrook which was damaged last week in a car crash – will be back, Redbridge Council has told Wansteadium.

A spokesman said: “The monument is currently being repaired off-site and will be reinstated soon.”

The stone was refurbished in 2014 with money from English Heritage and the late, lamented, Area 2 committee of Redbridge Council. It has stood for a couple of hundred years and originally marked the distance from central London to Epping. It’s apparently the origin of the name Leytonstone. More details here.

Wansteadium reader Susi said: “The spot where it used to be is now empty and cordoned off with plastic barriers.  It looks very sad.” Hopefully not long until it’s put right.

One thought on “Highstone ‘will be back’”

  1. Let’s hope to hear drive r travelling at high speed there to cause the accident is sent the bill for repairs . This junction is getting increasingly dangerous , not helped by the lazy drivers doing illegal ‘U’ turns to get to the petrol station and the car wash at the petrol station causing queues along one carriageway. It is about time something is done about this! Sorry for the terrible spacing here but something has gone wrong with your website! .

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