Hip brew

We must mark the full opening of Wanstead’s latest café, Bare Brew, the fruits of much hard work by friends Gemma and Lisa who have done a great job in turning a derelict empty shop into something cool and hip. It’s well worth a visit and Wansteadium wishes them all the best (so long as the PBJ sandwiches aren’t restricted to kids).

The outside of the shop, next door to the Tool Box at the Snaresbrook end of the High Street

15 thoughts on “Hip brew”

  1. Vegetarian? Looking forward to visiting – can see plant based tasty & healthy food on menu which is great news for health & the planet 👌✌💪💃😎👣🌎

    1. Because it’s expensive and there is loads of wastage in the steaming process. Places don’t charge extra for fun.

    2. Yes I so agree and it drives me mad!! Would understand it if Soya milk was really expensive and lasted only a few days, but it lasts two weeks!! And LOADS of people drink soya now. It’s a shame more places don’t offer it at the same price because then I would definitely go there to support the independent business.

  2. looks lovely. Sadly prices reflect the rents cost of the high street so this’ll have to be a treat.

  3. Popped in today as wanted to support a new local business. Fantastic to see it so busy but £5 for a tiny roll is beyond my budget unfortunately. Not all us Wanstead residents are rolling money sadly!

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