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We value Wansteadium’s form as a place for friendly conversation, both on comments on stories and on Wanstead Talk. Everyone is welcome to add comments here and take part in conversations, whoever they are. To keep it this way, we are somewhat more specific about our house rules for contributions than many other websites. So please keep all comments friendly, polite and constructive.
Thank you for your help in keeping Wansteadium Wansteadish.

9 thoughts on “House rules for comments”

  1. This is East London still you know and some might recall when it wasn’t full of people dribbling chardonnay over their brioche crumbed tweeds. What on earth is being ‘wansteadian’? If you mean being respectful say so. That isn’t the exclusive attitude of a cash solvent, professional class who wouldn’t even have sniffed at East London 20 years ago. So be ‘Wansteadian’ and sho some respect for those who have lived here and kept wanstead a pleasant safe and friendly working class area for many a year.

  2. @Keila: If you want people to be respectful of you, perhaps you should be respectful of others – regardless of whether they like Chardonnay, tweed and their beards full of brioche…. live and let live, no?

  3. Hi Keila – sorry if the post wasn’t clear about what we’re saying. We’re not saying anything at all about class or wealth, we’re just saying “friendly, polite and constructive”. If you prefer “respectful”, that’s absolutely fine with us. Thanks for your comment.

  4. This is the danger of a forum like this.

    You need moderators to ensure that discussions do not get out of hand before they escalate too much. You cannot do this all yourself, otherwise you will receive phone calls/emails from friends asking you do deal with certain topics/comments/individuals and it becomes a big fat mess.

    The thread that has escalated this recently did seem to me like it was started as a witch hunt rather than a discussion. I am sure if the same people all sat in a room with a glass of wine, a beer or some sparkling water to discuss the topic then it would be a very different attitude and resolution to the keyboard warriors the internet transforms us into.

  5. Surely criticism is allowed when valid?? Always respectful but I never seem to have any of my comments printed on this site!
    Also, keeps your kids safe on Wanstead Flats – don’t let them over there. My son and two of his friends were mugged at 10.00pm on Friday for their phones and watches. Threatened with a knife by two black kids. Police are on it but don’t expect any outcome. The Police must be overwhelmed by this sort of theft.

  6. Reporting someone to the council is not criticism. it started to get petty.

    “two black kids”….. be careful…

    As for wantstead flats, this has been reported a number of times gangs of both boys and girls threatening people. My wife’s friend was set upon by a group of girls and had items taken from her and she is in her late 30’s

  7. Well, certain things stir some people up more than others I guess. One of my own eyebrows elevated slightly over the comment about “too many prams in Wanstead”. Glad I was able to wheel my own little darlings up the high street before they became the menace that they evidently are these days.

  8. Dear oh dear people chill out. Everyone got their pants in a twist over a quad bike (pretty embarassing thread for numerous people). Now people are having a go at the admin for asking everyone to be a bit more friendly on here. Come on

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