If Wanstead was a boot, what kind of boot would it be?

Last month we asked what one should make of the Radley Wanstead bag (“If Wanstead was a handbag, what sort of handbag would it be?“). Now here come the Wanstead boots, – or to give them their full name, “The Ladies Wanstead Lace Boots” – a bargain brought to you by Peacocks (reduced from £25 to £10 for black and £20 for mid-brown). They are “stylish work boots,” they say, adding that they’re “lightweight, flexible and exceptionally comfortable”.

So, just as with the handbag, the same question needs to be put: in what way are these boots in any way like Wanstead? Answers via comments below, Twitter or Facebook. Thank you. (And thanks to spotter Gabrielle Collard.)


Dave Buba, in first again, writes: ‘Surely the description of ” lightweight, flexible and stylish” says it all?’