Inside Wanstead’s new Co-op


The Co-op has been refurbished and reopened on Thursday.

Wansteadium reader Ray writes: “Well not quite new but very impressive – even the staff now have smiles on their faces. Looks like Tesco will have some competition if the prices can be brought down a fraction.”

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4 Comments on "Inside Wanstead’s new Co-op"

  1. Good to see the changes. Much better range than Tesco and open til 11pm.

  2. On the other hand, this saves me going in there, so excellent work! Let’s see if the staff have been refurb’d as well, and if they can move things along a bit quicker.

  3. Looks like I’m going to have to continue to go to Leytonstone or South Woodford for my shopping. I often think the Coop and Tesco are in competition to see who can be the worst in Wanstead.

    Don’t like the big coffee cup outside on the pavement – what will the Wanstead Society say…?!

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