Is Costa coming to Wanstead?

Rumours abound that Costa Coffee is coming to Wanstead.

A planning application for the Enigma Hairdressers at Clockhouse parade to change its use – which would allow it to prepare and serve food – is currently being considered by Redbridge Council. Enigma is believed by Wansteadium to be closing at the end of January, and rumours circulating around the High Street are that a Costa branch will be taking its place.

The application is made by a firm of planning consultants who list their previous clients as including B&Q, Sainsbury’s, several banks and other clients. Costa (or its parent company Whitbread) is not listed, but with 1300 branches around the country it would be no surprise if they were interested.

Wansteadium has contacted Costa to ask them if the rumours are true. We’ll let you know what they say.

7 thoughts on “Is Costa coming to Wanstead?”

  1. Moral dilemma.. Whilst we should embrace local business, I would prefer Costa over Starbucks on the High Street. Costa actually pay their taxes and the coffee is better.

    Costa are one of the clients I deal with and their business model is to open as many Branches as they can. They already have Costa Express in Co-Op and are literally trying to make it so that you can look both ways down a street from one Costa and see another.

    So to summarise, although I would rather Costa and Starbucks were not on our High Street, I would like to think that Costa would take away the business from Starbucks and they moved away..

  2. Tesco, Costa, BBQ flaming grills! I visit places like Wanstead to get away from the drudgery of the same old same old! I am local to Wanstead but can see the deterioration around me of High Streets. I love London and it’s diversity but I also like my environment to be a bit more interesting. Next it will be nail bars. Wait and see. If that happens then sorry but bye, bye Wanstead!

  3. I agree
    Would be better for a local shop but loads of 2nd hand clothes shops are not much use
    Since Woolworths closed you can’t buy a pan or plate.
    I would rather see a houseware shop or a decent wine bar, something with djs and not full of kids or worse babies

  4. Heads n Tails are now selling saucepans and kitchen ware and general household bits – screws, nails, etc they are very obliging and open to suggestions about what to stock

    Stitch also sell sewing and knitting basics

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