It’s A Wonderful Life – now with SEATS!

It's A Wonderful Life
There is just one week to go before the Wanstead Kinema screening of the all-time Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life. More than half the tickets have already been snapped up, so if you want to come, please do make sure you buy in advance. Numbers are strictly limited.

kinema_tallThere has been a slight alteration to arrangements for the screening which will take place at Grove Hall (the Treehouse After-School Club on Grosvenor Road) on Sunday 22 December at 7.30pm: we will now have access to some chairs and some benches. So if the thought of bringing cushions to sit on the floor was putting you off, you can relax. Numbers of seats are still limited though, so do bring your own seating if you can.

Henry Travers and Jimmy Stewart in Some interesting articles about the film have been written this week. In one, on the Churchmouse Campanologist site, the author writes: “[James] Stewart plays George [Bailey] with the sense of terror and hysteria that sometimes attacks honest men when they are broken. His facial expressions are priceless — most effective…. This is a 20-minute sequence which will rip most people’s hearts out. Up to this point, Capra has shown us the strong friendships which George has forged as well throughout his life as well as the respect which people show him for his kindness and integrity. It’s because of him that Bedford Falls works as a town with responsible, loving citizens helping each other. Capra makes the Pottersville contrast startling and frightening.”

Anyone wishing to riff on the Wanstead/Bedford Falls parallels (which George C Parker cunningly started last week), be our guest. Contact us at

Buy tickets at £5 each.