Jobs klaxon

The folk behind the new coffee shop and bakery, which is soon to take Percy Ingle’s place on Wanstead High Street, are recruiting and would like to hear from any Wansteadium readers who are interested.

They are seeking experienced baristas and chef/sandwich makers to work in the new shop, which is going to be an independent, family-run business.

More details can be obtained from

3 thoughts on “Jobs klaxon”

  1. I don’t know how long Percy Ingles had been in Wanstead but I’m sure it was there in the 70’s when we moved to Wanstead as children and I always remember going in there with Mum at the weekend. Such a shame, always fantastic quality and delish bread and cakes at affordable prices. (Can’t say the same about Greggs re the quality and delish bit!)

    So wouldn’t it be lovely if the new owners gave a nod to Percy Ingles when re-naming their new coffee shop…

    How about Percy’s Coffee Pot, Ingles Nook… ok not brilliant but how about some suggestions!

    I wonder what this new coffee shop is offering that’s going to be unique, different and enticing compared to ALL the others we already have in the High Street?

    I wish them luck anyway, whatever that may be!

  2. Just wonder how much a cup of coffee will cost [Compare it to a jar of coffee from M&S]
    and how much that would be at home – Also Sandwiches – wonder how many you can get for say under £2.00 each – Or is this just another way for people to pay silly prices for sandwiches cakes and Doughnuts….WAKE UP WANSTEAD..

    1. I too can make coffee cheaper than the cafes. I can grill meat cheaper than the restaurants, I can cut my own hair, and grow my own food cheaper than the supermarkets. Probably best to just close down the High St???

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